Cosmeceuticals Explained

Halfway between cosmetics and pharmacological treatments, is the concept of cosmeceutical. All those products for skin care that have an aesthetic purpose, but also a therapeutic objective.

Cosmeceuticals are high-efficiency cosmetics that can achieve the same results as some medical treatments but without being invasive.

The properties of cosmeceuticals:

The main differential feature of cosmeceuticals compared to traditional cosmetics is that they are products that have been formulated with biologically active ingredients and have a high biochemical capacity to act on different skin tissues.

Cosmeceuticals not only exert their function in the stratum corneum, the most superficial layer of the epidermis, but can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and intervene in its structure and functioning.

Thus, they are highly effective cosmetic products that provide visible results in the short term, as well as progressive and cumulative results over time.

Depending on the active ingredients they contain, cosmeceuticals are able to improve different conditions and conditions of the skin.

SKEYNDOR cosmeceuticals:

Skeyndor cosmeceuticals are thanks to our molecular Power Platform and its therapeutic lines: Power C +, Power Retinol and Power Hyaluronic.

All of them have been created by taking advantage of the benefits of the most powerful cosmetic molecules so that their cosmeceuticals can be combined to complement and enhance their effects.

Each Power line also has its respective treatment to enhance the results of the at home cosmeceuticals.

Power C + all its products contain high concentrations of high absorption vitamin C and pomegranate extract that help fight aging and oxidation of the skin. It is a perfect gamma for skins that need an antioxidant effect and to help cope with dehydration, lack of elasticity and shine, as well as the first wrinkles and blemishes.

The cosmeceutical Power Retinol is formulated with a high concentration of pure retinol and two other powerful molecules (Bakuchiol and Hs Soy Extract) that combined together generate an unprecedented rejuvenating activity. The products in this range are perfect for restoring and reconstructing aged skins.

Finally, the Power Hylauronic line has a wide range of products containing a high content of hyaluronic acid of very low and very high molecular weight that achieves an immediate intensive hydration even in the most dehydrated skins.

Custom cosmeceuticals:

Precisely because of the particularities of cosmeceuticals, these are products with a great power that you should recommend to your clients in a completely personalised way and after a detailed diagnosis of the type and the current state of their skin.

Likewise, it is fundamental that you can show them how to correctly apply the cosmeceuticals and insist on the importance of following the precautions with precise care and treatments to enhance results.

As we said, the products from the Skeyndor Power Platform have been designed so that they can be combined with each other in order to respond to the different needs of each skin.

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