Frequently Asked Beauty Questions

The day to day of our salons focuses on skin care. How to organize a treatment program well? How many sessions will you need to correct and transform the different irregularities? How to propose a good home care program?

Our goal is to achieve perfect skin. The clients that attend our centres are very different, we can find the most neophyte user who lets himself be carried by all our advice to the most specialized and documented consumer. The latter sometimes do not know what to propose. For this reason, we have made a selection of the most frequent questions that customers usually ask in the aesthetic centres to share in this article.



When to do it? What is the best season of the year?

The exfoliation can be done throughout the year. The renewal cycle of the skin, turnover of the basal layer, is continued so to improve the performance of the cosmetic treatments, an exfoliation is always necessary. An important detail to keep in mind is the season of the year. If this exfoliation is done in very sunny months we will have to use less abrasive exfoliants, renew less frequently and always with a high protection to avoid the sun from damaging the skin. If this exfoliation is done in the autumn-winter, surely we can be more insistent so that the repairing, anti-stain and regeneration treatments at this time will be more suitable. There is no better, more efficient protection only station for a skin that will be unprotected.


Can it be done on all skin types?

We have already commented that all skins are renewed alone, their updating system is continued only occasionally slows down. The cosmetic exfoliation is a small help that accelerates the exit of cells. Among the different types of peeling, there are finer and more superficial, depending on the insistence of work (friction) we can exfoliate even the delicate skins. The average peels, enzymatic or glycolic, for a deeper and restorative renewal. Graduate the exfoliation to the skin type and you can renew any skin type.


How can an exfoliation help us?

As such, an exfoliant is a product that renews. Remove excess dead and keratinized cells from the corneal surface to make room for new ones. This allows the skin to show: fresher, more radiant, more oxygenated, healthy, uniform, clear, toned, vital, but above all more receptive. After a good exfoliation, any cosmetic that we apply has more opportunity to act and change the skin.



The use of cosmetics on pregnant women generates many doubts, and it is possibly one of the best moments to take care of the skin. If we think that the body is taking care of conceiving a new life, sometimes the skin of oneself dehydrates, small wrinkles appear and if we talk about body, stretch marks and cellulite are difficult to treat.


¿ What treatments avoid? Any person who is pregnant or thinks they might be pregnant should avoid treatments of appliances, pure essential oils (essences in general). Any refreshing product such as menthol for tired legs should not be used.

Do not use anti-cellulite caffeine, being a stimulant and diuretic, tends to increase blood pressure and should be avoided during pregnancy, caffeine, in turn, increases urinary frequency and can decrease body fluids needed for the baby.

Decrease the use of vitamin A or retinol, decrease but can be used. Retinol or Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is not so quickly eliminated, so prudence is recommended for use during pregnancy.

The period of restrictions in pregnant and lactating mothers is up to 6 months of life of the baby. A moment in which, although we continue breastfeeding, we can now incorporate ourselves to the normal routine of the centre.



Another point of recurrent consultation is the case of oily skin. What do we do with them?

Oily skin is characterized mainly because its sebaceous secretion is increased. This sebum is sometimes altered and can lead to an infectious acne. If we understand that regulating the sebaceous gland is essential, the first thing we should think about is that:

1. The care must be daily, it is useless to come once a month if you do not take care of yourself at home. Daily hygiene, day and night, to be possible cleaning products but not astringent.

The seboregulator treatment should also be daily, preferably day and night. Its prolonged treatment will reeducate the sebaceous gland so that it produces less fat.

2. Avoid bacterial proliferation. This point is key and also has to be of continued application. The bactericidal products, which help to recover the cutaneous flora, fight against these microorganisms and avoid the infectious processes. Its use is essential and also daily. So, for a treatment of oily skin, with or without acne breakout, the important thing is the care followed at home and to plan some control cures in the cabin.



Finally, we should not underestimate the grateful vitamin C. Power C with its extensive range, should its use be limited? Could many customers go through without using it on their skins?

Vitamin C is the vitamin of light. It is a powerful antioxidant and in times of seasonal changes and especially in extreme climates of heat is an excellent treatment. To the question of should, it be used in summer? the answer is affirmative. Vitamin C protects our cells from the damage caused by the sun, being a very good option in summer. And why is it limited at times? The form in which vitamin C occurs is ascorbic acid, it does not stop being a citric acid. At very high concentrations and if played with low pH, we could be talking about a renovating product rather than an antioxidant. Vitamin C Yes, the most concentrated and intensive formulas, we will reserve the use at night and always marking the frequency of use according to the skin.

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