Made and developed in Spain with the help of 11 in-house scientists with their own laboratory and manufacturing systems, Skeyndor ensure only the highest grade quality and ethically sourced ingredients go into their products.
Celebrating over 50 years of success, Skeyndor is continuously cooperating with the National Scientific Research Council and are monitored by world-class cosmetic surgeons, aestheticians, and dermatologists to deliver result focused cosmeceutics which won’t damage your skin or the environment.
Launching new products and endlessly improving current lines each and every year, Skeyndor’s award-winning delivery systems and ingredient innovations are all clinically tested and proven.
As the fastest growing skincare in Europe Skeyndor has been at the forefront of the most exceptional and advanced formulations, active ingredient discoveries and technology in the beauty industry. Delivering you the most advanced skincare regimes compete with treatments and homecare to ensure long-term results.

Vogue Image Group are the sole Australian Distributors of Skeyndor. For more than 25 years Vogue Image Group have built a reputation of hard work, honesty and integrity by offering tailored solutions and business strategies for each of their clients. Vogue Image Group understand every business is different and every business owner has a unique vision and mission.
Vogue Image Group believe knowledge is power; that is why they place education and training as a key focus – Furthermore, the CEO, Director and state representatives ensure every client is well catered for with unique development plans and product ranges to achieve your core business goals.


A very big heartfelt thank you to the team at Skeyndor.

They have made my transition as a Salon owner far more uncomplicated than I could imagine.  Luca, Julius, Lucy and Attila have all played a vital role in helping me to achieve my goals.  I’m very grateful for their support and training that they have provided.  I have felt that they have been with me every step of the way and very willingly continue to do so.  I couldn’t have done it without them!  A big thank you to Lucy for all your product knowledge it has been infallible. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Nicola Radle, Raffine Skin, Body & Beauty

High achievers award – a trip to Spain

From the minute, we landed in Barcelona we received VIP hospitality from both Skeyndor Barcelona, Luca and Julius.  To attend training at the Skeyndor Institute would have to be the highlight of my Beauty Therapy career. Over our six day stay we were taken on a tour of Barcelona, had a flamingo dinner, shopping tours, highlighted by a tour of the Skeyndor laboratories which reinforced to me what an excellent product Skeyndor is, how proud I am to partner my business with Skeyndor and how fortunate we are to have Luca and Julius here in Australia to represent Skeyndor.

 Shirley, Salon Owner, VIC