The Importance Of Facial Massages For Mature Skin

Clients notice ageing, especially in their own skin. 

When those first signs of ageing show, its usually through loss of elasticity, skin firmness and the appearance of wrinkles that are evident in certain facial features such as the contour of the eyes and lips, and the neck.

All these factors are a consequence of a decrease in the cohesion of the collagen and elastin fibers.

A facial massage can help prevent and improve skin sagging and the appearance of wrinkles

With the aim of offering complete care to your clients with mature and ageing skin, we recommend that you advise them as to which Skeyndor anti-age facial will best complement their skin and skin concerns. Each Skeyndor Advanced Anti-age Facial is paired with specific and custom made facial massage to aid the penetration of actives into the skin as well as lift clients skin to help return some of that lost elasticity, and of course, relax them. We would then recommend homecare with facial massage tips that clients can do themselves at home, to ensure they are getting the best possible results. 

Facial massages are ideal as a sagging preventive measure. Performing them every night and even morning can strengthen the facial muscles and fight against loss of skin firmness.

A good way to integrate them into a daily skincare ritual is to do a massage with the application of a daily serum. Our recommendations for preventative and anti-age result driven serums;

  • Eternal Sleeping Oil : apply after regular cleaning of the face and after your client’s moisturiser, spreading a few drops of then product on the face, neck, and neckline, and with the fingertips gently spreading and massaging it into the face with upward movements.
  • Global Lift Elixir: we recommend applying a small amount on the clean face, before applying the cream or makeup. It is perfect to be applied on the key points of the facial oval, rubbing lightly with the fingertips to achieve a global lifting effect.
  • Corrective Serum : recommended after cleaning the skin, spreading a few drops using gentle circular movements, with special emphasis on wrinkles of skin expression.
At home facial massage – Eternal Sleeping Oil Massage

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