The Benefits Of Hydrating The Skin

The skin needs hydration! In the same way that we could not spend a day without drinking water. And, although the skin does not complain verbally, the manifestations are obvious: a dehydrated skin is synonymous with unhealthy skin.

In fact, did you know that 90% of the health of the skin depends on proper hydration? When the skin is dehydrated, many signs appear at the cutaneous level: lack of brightness, dull tone, devitalization, the appearance of wrinkles, loss of muscle tone, pigmentary disorders …

To avoid all these signs of dehydration it is important that the skin is always well hydrated, regardless of the season and the type of skin. In addition, it is through proper hydration that the skin can fight against the toxic effects of the environment and other types of external aggressions.

Each skin, a type of hydration

Dehydration is a consequence of the loss of ability to retain water from the skin. All types of skins encounter this situation due to external agents such as high temperatures, pollution, even cold.

However, it is true that dry skins due to their hydrodynamics tend to dehydrate much faster than oily skins. For this reason, in SKEYNDOR we have a moisturizing product that helps nourish each type of skin and achieve a healthy appearance. And it is that dehydrated skins are the most propitious to suffer the signs of age – Power Hyaluronic 

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