Power Retinol is the result of 25 years of extensive research into all things retinol (Vitamin A). To create the ultimate Retinol Range without the nasty side effects.

The advanced, unique formulation Skeyndor has created, is a high strength dosage of pure Retinol, Bakuchiol and HS Soy Extract which all work in synergy boost the repairing and rejuvenating activity of retinol on the skin without the typical side effects (skin damage, irritation and redness).

This Power range tackles fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation as well as refines and resurfaces the skin, making it the perfect addition to ageing skins.

  • An excellent rejuvenating element that can repair and recover the architecture and qualities of young skin

  • The BAKUCHIOL molecule can act like retinol on a genetic stimulation level, and also it is a great retinol stabiliser, which allows retinol-based products to be developed to maintain their effectiveness for longer

  • Three active ingredients have been carefully selected due to their distinctive rejuvenating activity, their unique ability to enhance each other synergically and producing a surprising anti-ageing result without side effects.

Active Ingredients


An excellent rejuvenating agent that repairs and restores the architecture of young skin and reduces damage caused by the sun.


The perfect co-stabiliser for retinol. It is completely stable and stimulates the skin.


HS Soy Extract acts as a retinol-like enhancer and helps reduce skin-related side effects.


Want to try Skeyndor for yourself? We know you and your clients will love it.


  • An easy to learn, Powerful treatment

  • Comes in a step-by-step treatment box containing 6 treatments

  • Your clients will love the feeling, smell and results of the treatment


After 25 years of research and development comes Skeyndor’s most Powerful Retinol Range

This exacting anti-ageing facial programme is synergistically formulated to stimulate the skin’s natural cellular regeneration revealing healthier, fresher and younger-looking skin. After just one session skin regains its smoothness, firmness, health, and radiance without the usual harmful side effects of redness, irritation or flare ups.

The treatment uses concentrated levels of pure Retinol and anti-oxidants working together to decrease the depth of lines and wrinkles, refine and resurface. In addition, it targets acne, congestion, scarring, dark spots and environmental damage.

After cleansing and toning, the Power Retinol Intensive Repairing Facial moves into top gear. To tackle dead surface cells and prep the skin, an active enzyme complex is massaged into face and décolleté. A concentrated Retinol solution is applied to kick-start the rejuvenation process and meticulously infused deep into the cells the Skeyndor Meso-Science technology.   To boost regeneration, anti-ageing Mask of Amber Extract and organic Calendula Oil are blended and massaged in.

Mask is rinsed off and the Power Retinol Intensive Repairing Facial finishes with the Intensive Anti-oxidant Cream with its power packed actives such as the anti-oxidants of Pomegranate to strengthen cell membranes and guard against moisture loss. It is also rich in omega fatty acids to regenerate, reduce the signs of ageing and repair sun damage, Vitamin C and Grape and Co-Enzyme Q10 to also boost the skin’s repair mechanisms. Skin emerges youthful, ultra-smooth, clear and refined. Take recommended homecare products including a cream or emulsion and a serum-in-cream to maintain optimum results between facials.


An easy to learn, Powerful treatment Comes in a step-by-step treatment box containing 6 treatments Your clients will love the feeling, smell and results of the treatment