Vitamin C is one of the most valued active ingredients in dermatology, due to its multiple benefits on the skin. Not only it is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants known, it also stimulates the skin’s metabolism and the formation of collagen.

SKEYNDOR has formulated a new gerneration of Vitamin C to closely replicate our skin allowing it to be 700 times more absorbable than pure Vitamin C. Doing what they do best Skeyndor has combined their scientific breakthrough formulations and delivery systems with sensorial powers to give you the ultimate energising Vitamin C Range.

  • Anti-oxidant power: prevents immunosuppresion through UV radiation (it protects the DNA from the oxidation caused by free radicals) and reduces photoageing.

  • It strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and reduces the transepidermal loss of water, improving the levels of hydration and skin defenses.

  • It stimulates the production of collagen, which increases the density of the dermis.

  • It strengthens the immunity system and cell regeneration, and therefore, dermal resistance, protecting the skin from environmental aggressions.

  • It is one of the most useful molecules for treating sun burns and other inflammatory skin affections, like acne, psoriasis, post-operative scars or stretch marks.

Active Ingredients


Cell absorption more than 700%. Allowing for a more effective collagen synthesis and collagenase inhibition.


Synergetic, combination of powerful anti-oxidant and depigmenting acids.


A wide spectrum (HG) anti-oxidant extract, is in rich vitamins, tannins and gallic and elagic acid.


Want try Skeyndor for yourself. We know you and your clients will love it.


  • An easy to learn, Powerful treatment

  • Comes in a step-by-step treatment box containing 6 treatments

  • Your clients will love the feeling, smell and results of the treatment


The innovative POWER C+ marries two super powers of the anti-oxidant world that work their magic by stopping free radicals from getting a hold, causing inflammation, wrinkling and collagen loss.

SKEYNDOR has merged a pure, highly concentrated and stabilised form of Vitamin C for its important role in the metabolism of collagen and Pomegranate HG Extract known for its colossal Polyphenol content that strengthens the cell membrane, making the skin less prone to damage and moisture loss.  Rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids, it helps to regenerate, reducing the signs of ageing and repairing sun damage.

It is THE solution to improved and long-lasting clarity and brightness that turns lines into no lines, reduces freckling, damage and pigmentation, increases elasticity and offers a far smoother skin.

Lay back and ready yourself for the ultimate in complete rejuvenation for the complexion, the POWER C+ Brightening Anti-Oxidant Facial, the latest resurfacing and high-performance option at the salon or spa.

It’s perfect for that special event, after the Summer months, a holiday in the sun or simply as a skin pick-me-up.  Addressing sun damage and associated pigmentation and dusky markings, it vastly improves radiance, regulates the production of melanin while targeting deeper lines and wrinkling.  The POWER C+ Brightening Anti-Oxidant Facial begins with a double cleanse, includes a luxurious and relaxing facial massage and mask up.  The indulgence is completed with the Power C+ Cream suited to your skin.   The result?  Glowing, gorgeous, lines subdued and suppleness plus.

At home resuscitate, refresh and keep the skin positively radiant with the age- defending line of Pure C Concentrate (14 x 1 ml ampoules) a 14-day intensive treatment for night-time use), Eye Contour (with Pomegranate), Energising Emulsion (with Pomegranate) for combination skins and Energising Cream SPF15 (with Pomegranate) for dry skins. Not recommended for sensitive types.


An easy to learn, Powerful treatment Comes in a step-by-step treatment box containing 6 treatments Your clients will love the feeling, smell and results of the treatment