Cosmeceuticals, More Than Cosmetics

Why are cosmeceuticals more than cosmetics?

A few years ago the world of cosmetics took a step forward with the birth of cosmeceuticals. Products that not only embellish the skin but also offer a prolonged treatment and contribute to improving skin health with a high concentration of active ingredients.

The skin is an organ capable of preventing the entry of harmful microorganisms, but also of absorbing those substances that are beneficial to it. Beyond cosmetics, many medications are applied topically on the skin to be treated.

The main difference between cosmetics and cosmeceuticals is in the amount and concentration of active ingredients in their composition and the ability to penetrate the different layers of the skin.

Cosmeceuticals, are more potent than traditional cosmetics to contain a larger amount of biologically active ingredients and at levels much higher concentration levels. 

Thanks to these ingredients, cosmeceuticals can act beyond the outer layer of the skin, the most superficial part of the epidermis, and are able to intervene in the structure and functioning of the skin. Thus, they are highly effective cosmetic product that provide visible results in both short term and long term.

Although cosmeceutical is often associated with treatments to improve the signs of ageing (spots, wrinkles, sagging, dehydration, etc.), they can also be used to improve acne, oily skin, hyperpigmentation, the texture of the skin or the size of the pores.

The cosmeceutical ranges by SKEYNDOR

At SKEYNDOR we strive to always offer the best dermo-cosmetic solutions for the different needs of the skin. Therefore, we have a wide variety of cosmeceuticals in our lines for facial care that can be combined with their respective facial treatments to maximize results.

Power Retinol, for example, is formulated with a high concentration of pure retinol and, therefore, offer a very satisfactory improvement in spots and wrinkles.

The Power Hyaluronic line, on the other hand, has a high content of hyaluronic acid of very low and very high molecular weight that achieves an immediate intensive hydration even in the most dehydrated skins.

In the case of the Power C + cosmeceuticals, these are products with a very powerful antioxidant combination thanks to their high absorption concentration in vitamin C.

Dermapeel PRO, is formulated with α-hydroxy acids and biological peptides to achieve a renewal of the outer layer of the skin. These cosmeceuticals for home use are the perfect complement to the innovative Dermapeel PRO facial treatment .

Individualized recommendations

Precisely because of the particularities of cosmeceuticals, these are products that we should recommend to our clients in a completely personalized way and after a detailed diagnosis of the type and condition of the skin.  It is essential to insist on the importance of applying cosmeceuticals in the appropriate way, respecting the recommended frequency of use and following the care and precise precautions.

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