Naturally occurring in our body it is the lifeblood of maintaining skin hydration levels. Sadly, external and internal factors reduce and slow down our Hyaluronic Acid production. This has a massive effect on our skin, especially in fighting signs of ageing.

What many experts avoid telling us, is that slapping Hyaluronic Acid on our skin won’t do much if it is only of a high molecule weight, meaning – our skin is waterproof and simply won’t allow the Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate into the deepest layer of our skin. Skeyndor, however, was up for the challenge to re-formulate the already famous skincare ingredient, making it very attractive to our skin by inviting it in the lowest layers, to not only give the skin an instant hydration boost but also help it produce new Hyaluronic components for our skin to flourish in hydration.


More comfortable skin, properly hydrated with a softer micro-relief. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of the body. Its main objective is based on capturing and retaining moisture in the skin. This molecule is considered a true “sponge”, since it may contain 1.000 times its weight in water. External and internal factors may affect the hyaluronic acid capital of each person and influence the general condition of their skin.

Active Ingredients

Aquaporin Activator

Biological hydrating effect, with increased dermal & epidermal water reserves, helping to regulate the flaking process

Polarised Water

Magnetisation allowing molecules to be packaged for better absorbation


Of Natural origin, they guarantee perfect compatibility with the skin.

Sunflower Extract

A exceptional anti-oxidant that protects the skin from external environmental factors


Want try to Skeyndor for yourself? We know you and your clients will love it.


  • An easy to learn, Powerful treatment for both face and eyes

  • Comes in a step-by-step treatment box containing 6 treatments

  • Your clients will love the feeling, smell and results of the treatment

Facial Treatment

If skin is showing the signs of tightness, lines, scaling, loss of density, elasticity, and oxygen, then the star-studded Power Hyaluronic is your go to.

Giving the skin a drenching with record efficiency, the Power Hyaluronic facial combines signature Skeyndor products with their ultra-sensory textures to quickly hydrate and lock in moisture so skin is plumped, rested, line-free, comforted and uber supple for the long term.

SKEYNDOR’s on-the-edge technology achieves what no other has to date:  Effectively and successfully driving ingredients at a very high rate into the cells where moisture is locked in and water reserves are reinforced.

The treatment works with the skin’s hydrodynamics using very low and very high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, a first in cosmetics. SKEYNDOR’s Power Hyaluronic prevents water loss, generously re-hydrates and re-awakens the skin’s youth for immediate and visible renewal and vitality. At the same time, the treatment strengthens the skin’s barrier to preserved surface hydration.

Together Hyaluronic Acid and an Aquaporin activator deliver intense and lasting hydration.   Aquaporins are membrane proteins that transport water and other actives to the very inside of the cells.  Their quantity and quality allow water to be distributed and spread across all parts of the middle and deeper layers of the epidermis.

In just one Power Hyaluronic treatment session, the complexion is plumped, firmed and rested, supple and dewy fresh. It combines signature SKEYNDOR products with ultra-sensory textures and a relaxing massage technique using the lustrous and shimmery Selenite Stones.  Selenite calms and clears the mind and, protective, its power shields from outside influences. Having a perfect affinity with water, it is one of the first minerals formed by the evaporation of seawater.

After the skin is cleansed, the SKEYNDOR HA Concentrate is generously massaged into the skin.  It power plus formula of very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (a first-time use in cosmetics) moisturises at the deepest level.  The session continues with a massage of Aquaporin Gel and is left on the skin to encourage absorption. Exceptionally conditioning, it also helps to slow the breakdown of collagen and stabilise the skin’s internal hydrodynamics.

The Aquaporin Gel opens the water channels so the HA and polarised water can get through and improve the water dynamics of the skin.

The skin is further drenched in moisture, thanks to the HA Ultra Hydrating Gel with its combination of very low and high molecular weight and Polarised Water, a powerful duo to combat dehydration.    The Power Hyaluronic finishes with the Intensive Moisturising Emulsion featuring very low and very high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and combined ingredients of Sunflower extract and Xylitol.

The complexion emerges visibly firmed and supple, line free and noticeably nourished as never before. Dehydration and dryness just a memory!  Home care prolongs the benefits thanks to the Intensive Moisturising Cream (dry to very dry skins) and Emulsion (normal to combination), containing actives of Xylitol and Sunflower Extract , the Moisturising Booster and Deep Moisturising Mask.

Facial Results
Eyes and Lashes Treatment

Using a potent, active and pioneering formula, Skeyndor launches a first in the world of beauty, Power Hyaluronic Eyes + Lashes

Mimicking an eye lift (without surgery) and transforming with technology fresh from Skeyndor R + D, their latest treatment achieves what no other can.

It strengthens and enhances the lashes so they appear more dense and youthful, then it takes charge to uplift eyelids and intensely firms the eye area. In addition, it smartly addresses puffiness, dark circles and depth of wrinkles to leave the eyes refreshed and rejuvenated, way beyond expectations.

The Power Hyaluronic Eyes + Lashes begins with a cleansing of the eye area, followed by a massage incorporating specific lifting techniques. The massage cream uses a combination of actives of Darutoside, a powerful regenerator, anti-inflammatory and detoxifier ~ Silk Tree to significantly reduce the signs of fatigue and weakened collagen fibres (due to the process of glycation) and Centella Asiatica that also works to de-bloat under eyes.

The treatment continues with the Skeyndor Comfort Mask Veil to soothe, repair and refresh the eye contour. The Mask is charged with Blue Lotus to speedily hydrate and balance, cooling Aloe and Chlorella Vulgaris to instantly act on firmness, dark circles and tone.

Lashes are then strengthened with a specialised gel of GHK Biotine, a powerful peptide to encourage collagen synthesis and Pro-Vitamin B5 to boost lash density.

The session finishes with an application of Illuminating Wrinkle Repair Cream to diffuse lines and wipe out crepiness on contact.  It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Oats to diminish dryness and flakiness and age-fighting Hamamelis. To maintain results at home Skeyndor recommends the Power Hyaluronic Cooling Eye Contour & Eyelashes Gel.

Eyes and Lashes Results

An easy to learn, Powerful treatment for both face and eyes Comes in a step-by-step treatment box containing 6 treatments Your clients will love the feeling, smell and results of the treatment