Textures And Skin Types

Every skin is different and therefore, every skin has different needs. When our clients want a specific treatment, not only do we have to understand how they want to improve their skin, but also what their skin needs. Treatment products can be presented in several ways (gel and cream, for example, or emulsion and cream), and provide the same benefits. The question is to understand what kind of texture each skin demands, not only so that your client feels more comfortable, but so their skin takes maximum advantage of what you offer them.

– Fluid and unctuous creams, and oils are recommended for mature and/or dry skin. Nourishing and comfortable textures will help to relieve the sensation of tightness and itching.
– Fluids, gels and emulsions for combination and oily skin. To treat without adding shine or clogging pores.
– Cream textures with light finishes will be the best friend of normal skins with a tendency to become mixed, to avoid glare but at the same time provide what they need.

Weather & Seasons 
In addition to understanding what texture each type of skin needs, we must take into account the weather and season. We would recommend a cream during the colder months – which has good coverage and provides a feeling of protection and comfort – and a gel or fluid during the summer season – easier to absorb and offer a fresh sensation.

And remember, it does not matter what texture the treatment has as long as its right for your client’s skin.

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