How Social Media Can Help Your Salon

Let’s talk about social media and business.

Companies now have a more defined and marked presence on social media. In fact, those businesses that do not have social profiles are beginning to become obsolete because … what does a client do when they want to know more about a product or business? Research online. Where they will find a wide variety of profiles with information, multimedia content and a community with the same interests and/or doubts.

That is why we recommend that your aesthetic centre has a form of social media. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook or even just a website. A digital marketing platform will ensure your business will get:

Visibility: thanks to social media and a website you can make sure your salon goes beyond the surrounding streets and your current clients, to be known by a larger audience. Not only will your customers or people in the neighbourhood know about your existence, but also anyone interested in a particular treatment that your salon offers.

Increase visits/sales: more visibility, more sales. Cause-effect. If your beauty salon or spa is known by more people, you can engage to increase your number of clients and gain new traffic.

Community: little by little you will form a community of followers that will share tastes and interests. Social networks will allow you to maintain a daily and direct relationship with them, which will be loyal over time.

Renew or die: having a social media not only focuses on your customers, it’s also a great tool to be in contact with other salons, the brands you use or other professionals. Being informed of the latest news, products and trends in treatments and actives can be easier thanks to Instagram and Facebook.

Feedback: It will be much easier for you to know firsthand the comments and criticisms made by your customers. Because one thing is certain, we all find it easier to give our opinion behind a screen. The shower of comments will be bigger and this will only help you improve and strengthen the weak points of your salon.

Having a presence on social media can bring many benefits to your business, giving your salon or spa a much greater presence beyond its physical space. Of course, we must make sure we are publishing real content and respecting the community.

Tips to grow your social media:

  • After a salon treatment encourage your clients to like and review you online
  • Engage and comment on your community’s posts and photos
  • Upload content as much as you can! Whether it is a regram/ repost from a client or our social network, a snap of a new product, your favourite product, the salon or someone enjoying a treatment. Consistent content will help your clinic and social network stay relevant

And remember, if you need Skeyndor social media content contact your Skeyndor Representative to show you how to repost & gain access to all our images and videos.

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