What Is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy treatment is a non-invasive ‘virtual needle’ technique that uses multiple currents with the purpose of introducing cosmetic actives, plant extracts, vitamins, marine ingredients, etc., through the different layers of the skin. Originally created for medicinal purposes Skeyndor have adopted the Nobel Prizing winning technology.  

The mesotherapy technology used by Skeyndor it the Mesoinfusion DCS equipment with MesoScience Treatments. It generates a series of electromagnetic impulses that create “electrophoresis” in the tissue, allowing the penetration of the active elements through the membrane of the cells. This action facilitates the free passage of the active substances to the interior of the cell.

MesoInfusion DCS  has four currents that act in synergy so that the treatment results are even faster, intense and spectacular.

  1. The first current, Activating, is a current that decreases the resistance of the tissues to the passage of the current, vascularizes and recovers the metabolic activity.
  2. The second, Hidroelectrophoresis, is a current that increases the percutaneous penetration of mesoconcentrated assets intercellularly.
  3.  Electroporation, third current, increases the cellular absorption of the mesoconcentrated active transcellularly.
  4. Finally, the fourth current, Cryotherapy, enhances the cellular bioavailability of assets.

All this makes it possible to strengthen elastin fibres, stimulate the production of collagen, fight free radicals and stimulate cell activity. Mesotherapy helps the skin appear firmer, younger and expression lines are reduced.

At a corporal level, it improves and visibly reduces cellulite. The skin regains its elasticity, thickness and reduces cellulite nodules.

Following the science of molecular cosmetics, Skeyndor has created a new generation of mesoconcentrates. The difference, the most effective penetration techniques to maximize the penetration of assets. According to the problem to be treated, the firm proposes 4 different treatments:

–  Mesofiller for the treatment of wrinkles and expression lines that replenish and fill vertical wrinkles.

–  Mesobright for the treatment of spots that brings luminosity and unifies skin tone.

–  Meso BT-Lift reaffirmation and remodelling treatment to recover the volumetry of the face.

– And finally, Mesoslim reducing an anti-cellulite treatment.

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