Skeyndor’s technology platform to give you the tools to help your clients achieve faster, better and long-term results.

  • Generate new sales opportunities

  • Attract new customers

  • An Exclusive personalized service

  • Synergy with the all Skeyndor products range

  • Build customer loyalty

  • Increase sales of facial products

  • Give your clients better and faster results


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The MesoInfusion DCS (Delivery Carrier System) is designed to transport high concentrations of active ingredients (Molecular transport) to the deepest layers of the skin with greater ease.

The Skeyndor Meso Infusion employs 4 working techniques and without the need to inject, manage to convey both ionisable and neutral substances.

  1. Activating current – Technique used to generate greater vascularisation in the area which helps to activate the blood circulation
  2. Hydroelectrophoresis – Technique that uses a pulsed current to facilitate the penetration of the MESOCONCENTRATES
  3. Electroporation – A technique that uses electrical current with a significant voltage, to achieve reversible and transitory “pores” in the cell membrane that increase cell absorption of the MESOCONCENTRATES
  4. Cryotherapy – A technique that uses the “Peltier cell” technology to produce cool for tissue toning and reaffirming action

Using the Skeyndor Meso Infusion method you are able to avoid the side effects associated with traditional mesotherapy techniques and injectables while obtaining greater and more noticeable results in shorter sessions.

The MesoInfusion DCS technology can be integrated with across all Skeyndor treatments.



The DP 110 PLUS – the Ultrasonic Skin Spatula that is a high-performance tool for skin regeneration. This flat plated metal hand held device glides over the skin to address exfoliation and blasts away dead skin; facilitating product penetration and the opening of pores to ease the extraction of blackheads.

With metal blades that vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies of 25,000 micro-vibrations per second, this is the ideal device to painlessly diminish flaky dry skin and renew skin tissue.

The spatula has two applications:

  1. In-depth scaling function – must always be applied when the skin is wet, with the metal curve downwards
  2. Micro-massage function – spatula position must be inverted, to support as many surfaces as possible. The massage must be slow, with continuous movement



My Skin Diagnosis, a concept developed by Skeyndor for the analysis of the skin and to track skin progress.

This analysis is carried out by the professional using a diagnosis kit which is unique on the market as it incorporates into one single lens the measurement of the 7 essential parameters for the diagnosis of the skin. Wrinkles, irregular pigmentations, acne, oil/sebum levels, pores, blemishes, and keratin.

The kit analyses different measurements with a camera, polarised lights and UV, analysing in detail the skin type and the predominant alterations which it presents, such as wrinkles, irregular pigmentations, acne, etc, indicating the most appropriate salon treatment and homecare products in each case.

MY SKIN DIAGNOSIS creates a personalised beauty care plan for an individual as well as creates a sense of urgency, as clients can see in-depth and up close the true condition of their skin. Helping therapists retail and upsell treatments to a client.

For the salon, this tool helps to attract new customers and increases retail sales, which in turn increases revenue, as well as improves customer loyalty. This device also collects data such as emails for salon marketing use.