Enhance Skin Oxygenation With Power Oxygen

On a daily basis, our skin faces two big enemies: environmental pollution and the lack of oxygen that this causes.

For this reason, we have created a new range of anti-pollution cosmetics which aims to protect and revitalize skin that lives in urban environments – Power Oxygen.

All Power Oxygen cosmetics include a high concentration of active ingredients that act against pollutants and free radicals. They also reinforce the skin’s protective barrier and increase its oxygen levels.

We have designed specific homecare products to maximize the results of the Power Oxygen Facial with a serum and anti-pollution creams. Applied with the Skeyndor Power Oxygen massage techniques, this is an easy step by step ritual that you can show your clients to enhance the Oxygen’s oxygenating and purifying effect at home.

The Power Oxygen At Home Ritual:

1) The preparation of the serum. To start, you have to apply a small amount of the City Pollution Barrier – Boosting serum (1 to 3 pumps) in your hand.

Next, it is essential to lightly rub the serum with the fingertips until all the microspheres it contains are broken. Only then will we ensure that the different active ingredients can penetrate the skin and, therefore, get the maximum benefit.

Finally, the product should be applied,  with smooth movements, from chin to cheekbones and between eyebrows following the hair, to finish in the neck area. You should also tell your clients to press their face lightly with their fingers for greater comfort and will help stimulate their skin.

2)  Purification phase. Once the serum is distributed, it is a matter of working different points on the face to achieve greater detoxification.

  •  First, a client has to prepare the face with a cleansing massage by emptying their hands over the face, face and neck.
  •  Then, circular pressures with a draining effect should be started on the forehead. This step is important to perform 3 to 5 times and then they slide their hands from the temples to the clavicle.
  •  Follow circular movements around the eye contour to finish down the neck.
  •  To finish, they have to make sustained pressure in the area of the lips to improve blood flow and decrease small wrinkles.

3) Oxygenation phase. It is time to apply the City Pollution Block Cream + O2 or City Pollution Block Gel Cream + O2, depending on the type of skin. This will stimulate and activate the circulation of the skin and provide more oxygen to the tissues. For this, generalized pinching should be done all over the face, especially on the forehead area.

Next, a client should use a smooth friction that aligns the contour of the eyes, the eyebrows, the forehead and the furrows that go from the nose to the corner of the lips.

Thanks to this Power Oxygen at home ritual, the skin will be more protected against pollution, but also more oxygenated, purified and radiant.

The Oxygen & Pollution Block Facial Treatment

In order to maximize the benefits of Power Oxygen anti-pollution homecare products, we recommend combining them with Oxygen (O2) Skin Advanced Program & Pollution Block facial treatment.

This allows us to achieve, in a very short time, a healthier appearance of the skin, as well as a greater luminosity and vitality. In the clinical studies carried out, an improvement of the pigmentation, the redness, the roughness, the hydration and the size of the pores, as well as a reduction of the impurities and the comedones were also observed.

The treatment Oxygen (O2) Skin Advanced Program & Pollution Block is indicated for skins from the age of 20 that coexists in urban environments and that are especially asphyxiated, stressed and lack oxygen.

A good rest and adequate diet are also necessary to ensure skin can defend itself from external aggressions such as sun exposure, tobacco and environmental pollution.

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