Six professional masks to create “SYNERGY” between the different Skeyndor lines. Working together with different cleansing, peeling, ampules and creams to perform a tailored “SYNERGY” treatment and experience to best suit different skin conditions and needs.

SK ALGYMASKS synergy are the perfect compliment to customise and/or upgrade a facial treatment for optimal results. When performed correctly, it rejuvenates the skin, corrects imperfections for ultimately long term results.

For healthy skin across all ages for both females and males, synergy masks are a professional product range that is recommended to be used to enhance the result when performing a basic Skeyndor facial, for example using the Essential line or it is the perfect compliment and upgrade to ranges such as the Natural Defence line.

Want to try Skeyndor for yourself? We know you and your clients will love it.


  • An easy to learn, and apply peel off masks

  • Comes in a two step treatment box containing 6 treatments


SK ALGYMASKS contain Alginates as their main ingredients. Aliginates are brown seaweed extracts of the Phaeophycaeae family. They can be found along the rocky coast of the North Atlantic, mainly in the United States, Great Britain, France and Norway. Using brown seaweed dates back to ancient times; the Chinese and the Romans used them in medicinal and cosmetic preparations. They are made up of linear macromolecules (BETA-D mannuronic acid and ALPHA-L guluronic acid). The weight ratio mannuronic / guluronic, and the distribution of molecules along the chain, vary from one extract to another and determine the polymer properties, particularly its gelification. This depends mainly on the seaweed species, and to a lesser degree, on the maturity of the seaweed and the harvest area.

Powerful actives and easy preparation methods, SK Algy Masks introduce us to the world of complete aroma therapeutic well-being.

SHINE CONTROL PURE MASK– A correcting mask for oily and combination skin

This corrective mask is an ideal treatment to restore the external balance of oily skins, improving their texture and elasticity. Leaves skin well hydrated with matt complexion. Papain, an enzyme found in papaya, with amazing properties that effectively slough off dead cells, smooth the skin, reduce blemishes, minimise age spots and fine lines.

SENSITIVE RECOVERY MASK– A correcting and recovery mask for sensitive skin

Treating fragile, weakened and reactive skins and restoring balance. Leaves the skin feeling cool and sublimely comforted.  This highly specialised Mask contains 7 pure plant extracts chosen specifically for their properties to treat sensitive skins. It has decongesting and anti-inflammatory action plus promotes epithelial cell production/ healing. Among them, Mamaku Fern Extract to diminish irritations and Aloe Vera for its healing properties.  While achieving instant comfort, the mask also acts to strengthen and regenerate delicate complexions, help activate the skin function, calm and soothe. This mask is also the perfect SOS mask for clients who have an adverse reaction to a treatment.

REGENERATING COLLAGEN VEIL MASK– An immediate pick me up and hydration

An age-defying facial with a super regenerating cocktail of collagen, proteins and hyaluronic acid for long-lasting and deep hydration. Its unique blend of nourishing and wrinkle-fighting ingredients deeply penetrate to replenish dry and ageing skin leaving it toned and revitalised, rejuvenated and supple.

RICH NOURISHING MASK– A correcting mask for mature and lack of tone skin

Contains the fusion of high concentration nutrient rich actives like proteins, amino acids, honey and essential fatty acids from Rosehip Oil.  This ultimate booster offers an instant pick me up for the complexion for ultimate nourishment and repair, as well as improves skin elasticity, texture and smoothness. 

BRIGHTENING MASK– A correcting mask for dull and tired skin

A tropical tonic and vitamin boost for dull, tired and imperfect skin (age, sun spots). Fresh kiwi and mango cells are selected for their high content in vitamin C and pro-vitamin A. These small “vital units” maintain the vitamins in their active form, being released when applied and bringing luminosity to the skin.

Q10 SUPPLY MASK – A correcting mask for dry  and very dry skin

The Q10 Mask literally transforms dry and very dry skin, infusing it with nourishment to ensure long-lasting hydration.  Relieving tightness and protecting it against daily stresses and free radical damage by re-balancing oil and water levels.  The mask harnesses the therapeutic powers of Rose Petals, a rich source of Vitamin C to cool, calm and lavishly moisturise as well as wheat germ extract and beer yeast, which help promote the synthesis of the natural emollients that create the skin’s protective layer.

An easy to learn, and apply peel off masks Comes in a two step treatment box containing 6 treatments