Oily skin: How To Treat The Rebound Effect Of Acne

After summer acne-prone skin can often suffer from what can be known as the ‘ acne rebound effect ‘. That is the sudden appearance of numerous pimples all over the face after spending a summer with hardly any.

This means that at the beginning of Autumn there are lots of questions about how to take care of oily and acne-ridden skin. Which means there is more of a demand for treatments to improve the appearance of oily skin and eliminate pimples.  

Why does the rebound effect of acne occur?

Rebound acne can occur in late or just after summer due to different causes. Over summer, the sun and sea salt dry out the skin, so that oily skin improves momentarily. Also, ultraviolet rays exert a bactericidal action, eliminating the microorganisms involved in the appearance of pimples. Hence, during the summer months, acne skin presents fewer issues.

The problem is that, in the face of sun exposure, our skin thickens to protect it from radiation and, as a result, it can end up clogging the sebaceous glands. Therapists should keep in mind that the less protection a client has from the sun, the more the skin will thicken and the more chances there will be that acne will appear after summer. Skin can also be aggravated by the use of inadequate sunscreens that contribute to clogging the pores, as well as the abandonment of the usual care routine due to the apparent improvement of the skin.

The Clear Balance Range for Oily Skin

We have a line of products specially designed for oily skin with acne tendencies. It includes normalizing treatments for continued use in case of acne with non-inflammatory lesions, as well as fast effective cosmetics for those specific outbreak moments.

Thanks to its active ingredients with a rebalancing and anti-acne effect, all Clear Balance products have proven to be highly effective in improving the condition of the skin and reducing the number of active lesions. Providing a high percentage of satisfaction to those who use them for a more matte complexion and with fewer impurities.

In the cases of skins that have and are suffering an acne rebound effect after summer, the main thing you can offer these clients will be to establish a beauty routine that helps to reverse the thickening of the skin and the obstruction of the pores. While at the same time reducing the production of sebum.

First, you must educate your clients about the importance of cleaning the skin to avoid the proliferation of impurities with specific products such as the Clear Balance Purifying Mousse.

Also, it’s important to highlight that, that they avoid comedogenic treatments and opt for cosmetics that hydrate the skin without greasing it and helping it to rebalance. This is when our Normalising Factor becomes a client’s best friend. It helps to reduce the size of pores and eliminates excess oil. With the help of the Clear Balance Anti-impurities Gel, which contains antimicrobial peptides to prevent the development of new lesions.

Because pimples often leave temporary marks when they disappear, it is also advisable to use a specific product to soften their appearance. For this, we recommend the Repair Serum, it is the perfect ally when exercising a regenerating action (similar to retinol).

Finally, for weekly use, you can also advise your clients to use the Clear Balance homecare mask, as it will help them to refresh and hydrate their skin, providing comfort, but without greasing or leaving it shiny in between facials. 

For clients with active inflammatory lesions, they can help them to disappear faster with the Clear Balance Purifying Patches and the Corrector Stick . The patches are perfect for a night time treatment and the Corrector Stick is the must-have daytime treatment to conceal the imperfection. 

To facilitate the care of acne-prone skin after the summer, we have created a set for oily skin with all our normalizing products, with a great discount for your clients to save money. 

The in salon treatment for oily skin

Cosmetics for home use are complemented by our Clear Balance treatment for oily and acne-prone skin. This procedure is especially indicated in the case of very oily skin or with many active lesions, since it achieves more effective results in less time. It should be used to prepare the skin before starting the anti-acne care at home.

The high efficiency of the Clear Balance treatment is due to the fact that it acts at the level of the hair follicle, preventing the proliferation of impurities and reducing the sebaceous secretion, at the same time that it manages to soften the appearance of marks and scars.

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